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As an alum­nus from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm I have ac­quired val­uable skills and knowledge of work and man­age­ment in in­nova­tion pro­jects. What sets me apart is that my edu­ca­tion be­gan at Mälardalen's Univer­sity, where the theo­ries were put to prac­tical use in real-life pro­jects to­gether with busi­nesses in Eskilstuna.

Apart from the me­chani­cal as­pects of inno­va­tion, my in­terest in tech­nol­ogy has led me to seek knowledge and skills within other areas and tools for inno­va­tion. These skills include dex­ter­ous­ness within sev­eral pro­gram­ming lan­guages and also extend to web de­velop­ment, as I hope this site will at­test to.

All things consid­ered I would de­scribe my­self as a versa­tile prob­lem solver who pos­sesses the tools to solve the devel­op­ment tasks thrown my way and the cu­riosity to find a way for those where my tools have yet to evolve.

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